Every moment we are alive is precious.

The idea for Our Sanctuary was birthed out of a desire to create space were people could gather to share stories, information & simply Be in the presence of one another.

In our busy culture it is rare that we have moments to slow down & practice the art of mindfulness; a state of mind/body/soul awareness or consciousness.

While the workshops offered here are varied, there is one common theme: creating a safe, intentional container to connect from the soul; to feel our inherent interconnectedness with the world & one another.

As we learn to live & speak from our hearts, home becomes not a place but a state of being. Connection to the heart & spirit is needed to heal the disharmony we see in the world today - the journey to wholeness begins within.

If you desire to merge your spirituality & sexuality, learn ways to support a vastly growing culture of community & compassion, discover ways to calm your mind, or relax in a beautiful & peaceful environment...we got you.

Please see our calendar for upcoming events! Welcome to Our Sanctuary