Family-Run & Built in Community

We are a global family. Re-learning our connection to one another starts with feeling our connection to our true internal nature, or spirit, which extends out to the world around us.

Our Sanctuary is minutes away from Trout Pond, Circle Beach, Long Beach, Sagg Main Beach, various harbors & a variety of boutiques and sumptuous restaurants. Here you are able to experience the best of what the Hampton's has to offer while enjoying the tranquility of an area steeped in intention, love, & togetherness. 



Dreams Become Reality

Seven years ago my life partner, Peter, purchased the then 100-year-old property. Largely inspired by his work with Harbin Hot-springs, Peter envisioned a Watsu school & loving community. Peter brilliantly designed and orchestrated the renovations of the land that would one day become our home. For the next 7 years, the house held a few workshops and community events while Peter continued to practice Watsu. 

Peter & I met in 2014 & began our journey together. I was a business major who left college to live on intentional communities in California & New Mexico with my daughter, Eva. As we traveled, I homeschooled Eva while learning about permaculture, herbs, & the difference between living and working with the land & living and working on the land. These are lessons I strive to incorporate more fully into my life everyday. I began to dream of ways to merge community & business in a way that encourages close connection with spirit & the world.

I saw so many of my friends and family members going to college, diving into their careers, working with the goal of retirement all the while never feeling a love or excitement for the work they did. I thought to myself: how can I merge my life's passions & work life? I wanted community. I was tired of feeling fragmented, as if I had to leave behind my emotions or spirituality in order to succeed in a work-culture that values productivity over humanness.

After a temporary visit to Sag Harbor turned into a permanent relocation, Peter and I coined the name Our Sanctuary; the community Peter envisioned so long ago was given new life. We are now expanding our shared vision together.